Welcome to Form III



The information below is intended to give you a little more detail about the kind of work Form III will be doing during the Autumn Term in Form III.



Mathematics is taught in the morning by Mrs Lawrence. This term we are covering numbers up to 1000, partitioning, addition and subtracting facts and calculation methods, doubling, halving as well as 2-D and 3-D shapes.  We also have weekly times table and mental arithmetic tests.



English is also taught in the morning by Mrs Lawrence. This term we are looking at narrative work in familiar settings. We are specifically looking at adjectives and story settings.  In poetry we are looking at sights and sounds poetry as well as shape poetry and calligrams.



In Computing we are learning about e-safety.



R.E. looks Christianity this term including the Church, celebrations, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian.



With Mrs Hogan, the children are taking a close look archaeology and how objects tell them about the past and then learn about the history of Huddersfield after October half term.



In Geography, with Mrs Hardy, they are looking at maps and mapping skills.



The children are looking at setting targets and goals, as well as how to manage ‘new beginnings’. We will create a classroom behaviour charter and emotional display so we can let others know how we are feeling throughout the day.  We will remind ourselves how to behave around school and help others.


Dates for your Diary


Friday 7th October - Form III's assembly

Tuesday 1st November - Parents Evening

Thursday 3rd November - Form III and IV School Trip

Monday 5th December - Form III and IV Christmas Party