Form IV

It’s the Summer Term!


In the Summer term in Mathematics we will be covering:

  • Place value - negative numbers, rounding, partitioning 5 digit numbers and ordering .looking at fractions and decimals.
  • Addition and Subtraction - identifying the doubles of 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, mental addition and solving word problems.
  • Multiplication and Division – Written methods as well as multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 , 100 and 1,000.
  • Reasoning about shape/space -  looking at area and perimeter 
  • It is very important to have a secure knowledge of times tables in Form IV and therefore we continue to regularly practise multiplication and division facts. We are hoping to continue to aim for accuracy and speed! This also applies to addition and subtraction.

In English:

  • Fiction : reading and writing based on personal or imagined experience
  • imaginary stories and settings, editing our work
  • Stories with dilemmas
  • Explanatory texts.

Reading is to be monitored and children have a reading record which needs to be checked and signed. If you can, question your children on the story to monitor their understanding.

 'Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting!'

 Edmund Burke

The homework diary continues to be a means of communication between home and school and should be checked and signed regularly. Your child will fill it in on a daily basis, you will be able to keep track of your child's personal targets and weekly achievements by referring to it. You can add your own notes if you feel the information might be helpful. Please ask your child to hand it in if you need a quick response, I will check them each Friday.

Other areas of the curriculum are taught by specialist staff and homework assignments may, occasionally, be set by them. Otherwise homework will be set every day and will be a balance of Maths and Literacy tasks aimed at supporting the work undertaken in class. Independent research is strongly encouraged and whilst you might want to oversee your child's homework, please do not do it for them. Homework should take approximately 30 minutes per night plus reading time. Please ask if you have any questions. Reading is to be monitored and children have a reading record which needs to be checked and signed.



Maths games:

Shape, space and measures:


Spelling and Grammar:


Solids, liquids and gases:



Many thanks for all your support ,

Craig Jagger