Form V and IV Autumn Term 2017


Welcome to Form V

The Autumn Term is now well underway and the children are settling into the new routine.



Much of our English work is based on Collins Primary Literacy (Y5) which comprises different units, each structured around the investigation of texts from fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Texts are used for comprehension and to illustrate points of grammar e.g. speech marks, punctuation, adverbs etc. The texts are also used as an inspiration for creative writing in many different styles. The scheme is very popular with the children as it incorporates many interactive features. Separate spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons also play a part. Please help your child to learn their spellings for a test on Tuesday.



A great emphasis is placed on the importance of reading throughout our school. In order to encourage the children to read we run a reading challenge each term. This term the children have been challenged to read 7 books (novels, poetry or fact books) before Christmas.

In Form V, each time they complete a book, they have to complete a section in their reading record book which they then show to me. There will be certificates for everyone who completes the challenge. Encouragement from home is invaluable.

In Form IV, it is important the children read regularly at home. (5,6, 7 times a week). The reading record book should have a comment and be dated.

It is also important that the children are heard reading out loud at frequent intervals as this improves their fluency. In addition, it strengthens their comprehension skills when they are questioned on what they have read.



The beginning of the term focuses on revision of the four rules to ensure that the basic concepts are understood. The class then moves on to look at fractions, decimals, and begin some problem work. There will also be some practical and investigative work. 



History and Geography

Crime and punishment from the Romans to the present day.

A journey through modern Europe.



 Earth and Space.

Forces. Gravity, friction....etc.



Monday 13th November.   Science Museum, Manchester.


Friday 10th November



One important aspect of our learning is homework.  The children must learn to do this on their own, when possible, and realise that quality is vital. We expect the same quality as in class. Please give them the support they need to become independent workers. We know the homework can seem a burden but it is of great importance and I am sure you are all aware of that. We use our homework diary to help us to organise this.

If you have any problems let me know. I work with your child on a daily basis and will do my best to help.

With the support of the staff here at The Mount, and the grown-ups at home, I know that this term will prove to be an enjoyable and worthwhile one for the children.  If we all work together then I am certain that we will achieve success.

Many thanks,

Craig Jagger.


  “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan.