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The Mount School



'Music gives children a means to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, and to be inspired by their own boundless capacity for personal growth.' 

The Royal Conservatory, April 2014.


Scientific research has shown that music education speeds the development of speech and reading skills and trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods.  It also shows that music learning makes it more likely that a child will reach their full cognitive and academic potential

A wide variety of music-making goes on at The Mount School with the opportunity for your child to participate in ensembles as well as focus on individual pursuits.

 At The Mount School all children are given the opportunity to experience music during their Form music lessons with our music teacher Mrs Suzanne Smelt.  In these lessons the children enjoy using percussion instruments and singing.  Each child has an in-house music booklet which is used throughout the year and often links to other curriculum areas.  Gold, Sliver and Bronze awards are given during the year for attainment and effort in areas such as listening and responding to music, composing and performing.

The school choir is a free activity and children enjoy enormously learning to sing in harmony and holding a part against another and the sheer enjoyment of singing together. The choir is all inclusive and anyone from Forms III to VI is most welcome to join.

Children are always encouraged to work to the best of their abilities and children who can already play a musical instrument are always challenged!


Extra Curriculum Musical Activities

Specialist music lessons are given by Dr Dumigan in singing and piano during lesson time.  Singing and piano students work towards exams set by both the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College London.  Dr Dumigan has a 100% success rate with many children gaining distinction in their exams.

Recorder lessons are given by Mrs Smelt and the children attend in groups during their lunch break once a week.  Each group works towards an in-house Grading System.  Children work towards termly certificates awarded according to ability.

Mr Neil Darwent offers guitar lessons each Friday from Form I upwards.  When students get to Grade Standard they will be entered for Practical Grading on the Trinity Guildhall Syllabus.  Lesson times are during the school day and places are booked via the office with Mr Darwent.  Payment for lessons is made directly to him.

There are numerous opportunities for pupils to perform in assemblies and concerts throughout the school year.


For further information or to book a place for your child, please contact the school office on 01484 426432.