Form IV

Fomr IV

Form IV is characterised by a joyful and vibrant atmosphere, where a culture of respect for others prevails. Our ethos prioritises abundant praise and the commemoration of achievements. We are dedicated to nurturing the organisational skills of our students, ensuring they are prepared for the next stages of their educational journey. Emphasising both physical and emotional safety, we foster an environment where making mistakes is embraced as a vital pathway to progress. 
English serves as a cornerstone subject, intricately woven throughout our curriculum. We place particular emphasis on vocabulary development across all disciplines. Within our English curriculum, we explore select literary classics authored by notable local writers. Charlotte Bronte's ‘Jane Eyre’ (adapted for the children) serves as a catalyst for diary writing, while Ted Hughes's ‘Iron Man’ inspires our investigative journey into journalistic reporting. Weekly homework assignments encompass spelling, comprehension, and grammar exercises. 
In mathematics, we prioritise the establishment of a robust foundation in fundamental concepts such as place value, number bonds, and times tables. These fundamentals serve as the bedrock for our exploration into more complex realms, including fractions, decimals, and an introduction to percentages. Homework tasks are aligned with ongoing classroom learning, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges awaiting them in the subsequent Form V and VI curriculum.

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