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What did you do at school today?

Often when parents ask their child "what did you do at school today?" they are not surprised to hear the reply "nothing"!  

There are many tactics parents can use to gain an insight into what happens in the classroom (incidentally there are some light hearted American suggestions on how to get answers here) but we believe the school must play its part. The School's newsletter home each Friday always provides parents with a brief summary of what has been covered in each form during the week, written by the form teacher.

Form pages, on the other hand, provide parents with a sense of what is going to be covered as the year progresses and also allows the pupils in each year group to showcase their efforts by including photographs of activities and completed work. If you are an existing or prospective parent you are invited to browse through the form pages by either clicking on the links below or using the navigation menu above.


Lower Kindergarten Form Page  click here Aged 3 to 4 years
Kindergarten Form Page click here Aged 4 to 5 years
Form I Page click here Aged 5 to 6 years
Form II Page click here Aged 6 to 7 years
Form III Page click here Aged 7 to 8 years
Form IV Page click here Aged 8 to 9 years
Form V Page click here Aged 9 to 10 years
Form VI Page click here Aged 10 to 11 years