Online Safety @ The Mount

The internet is a tool which offers a variety of learning opportunities for your child. They have access to a range of learning materials in an exciting way and learning how to use it effectively and safely is a crucial part of their learning.

Online safety is covered with the children in school every year from Form I to Form VI.

We regularly keep parents updated and informed with regards to the latest developments via information evenings, online training and literature we send out.

The following websites offer further information for parents:

Younger children enjoy the Hector’s World video’s on or the Smartie the Penguin story on . Form I & II should be able to tell you all about the adventures of Smartie!

Similarly, Key Stage 2 children enjoy the videos and games at

Both provide good discussion starting points between you and your child.

If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mr Burton-Smith who is the online safety co-ordinator.