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The Mount School


This page contains details of the following school policies:


Acceptable User Policy First Aid Policy
Admissions Policy Grievance Policy
Alcohol Policy Intimate Care Policy
Allegations Against Staff Policy Mobile Phone Policy
Anti-bullying Policy NQT Policy
Behaviour Policy Online Safety Policy
Capability of Staff Policy Premises Management Policy
Complaints Policy Risk Assessment Policy
Curriculum Policy Safeguarding Child Protection Policy
Disability and Non-discrimination

SEND Policy

Disciplinary and Conduct Policy Whistle Blowing Policy
Exclusion Policy The Mount School Uniform Policy
EYFS Policy

The Mount School Uniform List




Copies of all policies are also available from the Head Teacher or the school office.


Statement on Religious Beliefs 

Although broadly Christian in character, the School's curriculum supports those of all faiths. We currently have pupils from the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities as well as families with no religious beliefs. Our assemblies provide opportunities for reflection on moral and spiritual values common to all.

We seek to promote a harmonious atmosphere in school, springing from mutual respect and an understanding of the diversity of our school community.