The School Day

Arrival and Registration

The school's doors open to parents and children on the sounding of the 8.40 am bell. Parents may, however, arrange with the school office to drop their child off at school before 8.40 using the extended care service.

The registration bell sounds at 8.55 am, at which point we ask that any remaining parents leave the classrooms. 


Assembly takes place at 9 am after registration as follows:

Monday - Whole School assembly

Tuesday - Whole School music assembly

Wednesday - Upper School assembly

Thursday - Lower School assembly

Friday - Whole School assembly (Friday assemblies often include a special presentation by each Form in a weekly rotation - the Form's parents are invited to watch)

Morning Lessons

Morning lessons operate until break time at 10.30 am, when fruit is provided. The bell sounds at 10.45 am for children to return to lessons. Lessons continue until 12.00 noon (Lower School) and 12.15 pm (Upper School).

Lunch Break

A catered lunch is provided in the Dining Room in two sittings - the first for Lower School and the second for Upper School. Children then play in the separate supervised outside play areas designated for Early Years, Lower and Upper School. 

Afternoon Lessons

Afternoon lessons begin at 1.25 pm and continue without a break until the end of school.

End of School

The school gates open to parents and guardians from 3.20 pm, so that they are ready to collect children when school finishes. Lower School children are prepared and ready to leave from the front entrance at 3.30 pm. Upper School children follow soon after. Form teachers supervise collection to ensure that children do not leave without a parent or guardian. Parents should notify the school office in advance if special collection arrangements are required. Children staying or remaining uncollected due to unforeseen circumstances transfer to extended school and care in the main school building.