Why choose
The Mount

Pastoral Care

All our members of staff are at the heart of the pastoral care that embraces every child. As a school, we devote lots of time to ensuring that all members of staff know each child really well and have an excellent rapport with them. This ensures that key information is shared so that any concerns are dealt with quickly and sensitively 

We know that young children, like adults, are ‘a work in progress’ and that they will all (to varying degrees) need support and guidance with issues such as relationships, conflict, grief and disappointment. Our staff receive regular training on issues relating to pastoral care as the welfare of our children is fundamental to our success.

Musical, Dramatic, Artistic and Sporting Aptitude 

At the Mount Preparatory School, we understand that many of our children excel in other areas of the curriculum. For children who are gifted in such areas, our robust curriculum is designed to nurture their talents. We have a successful track record of students receiving scholarships to several independent schools.

Why Choose The Mount Preparatory School? 

The Mount Preparatory School has been a respected part of the Huddersfield landscape since it was founded in 1951. The school was initially based in a property named The Mount, overlooking Greenhead Park. The school moved to its present site on Binham Road in 1961. The current site was known at that time as Cedar House. Not wanting to lose its identity within the community, the school retained The Mount name in place of Cedar Grove.  As development on the school site took place in years to come, the large annexe was named Cedar Annexe in tribute to the original heritage of the property. In later years, this was been replaced with a beautiful Cedar clad building, resonating further with the traditions and setting of our beautiful school. Nestling in the heart of a conservation area, the charming building stands in an attractive setting, offering a large, secure playground and lawned area for play and outdoor learning. 

Well known for its family atmosphere, The Mount Preparatory School provides the ideal environment for children to thrive both academically and socially. Offering the highest standards of care and education for children from the age of three. The Mount Preparatory School offers parents the peace of mind of knowing they have made the best possible choice for the start of their child’s educational journey.

Mission and Values 

We aim to equip our children to take their place in our multi-cultural society as confident, polite, compassionate and tolerant individuals – qualities that reflect the ethos of our school. We achieve these aims through a holistic approach to each child’s education; giving every child, regardless of ability, the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and self-esteem, thereby achieving his/her true potential. Values such as determination, courage, resilience, good manners, kindness and generosity of spirit are nurtured and rewarded, and help children at The Mount Preparatory School to grow into young people of whom their school and their families are justly proud. 

Our broad, balanced curriculum, delivered in small classes, is complemented by a range of out of school activities that give pupils personal choice in their development programme and an opportunity for individual talent to be identified and encouraged. Every child is provided with a variety of opportunities within the school to develop academic, social, spiritual, sporting, musical, artistic and dramatic interests which will last them a lifetime. 

Learning Support

We have a specialist learning support team experienced in helping girls and boys with a variety of special educational needs. 

Support is given to pupils with particular learning needs such as those who are gifted and talented, children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia, as well as children who just need a little extra support to facilitate their learning in a particular area. 

This support takes a large variety of forms, including specially designed individual lessons, small group work, support within the classroom and specialist advice and support for class teachers. 

Our school is very experienced at using educational assessment to learn more about the individual’s relative strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching and make teaching and learning more effective. 

We follow the code of practice for children with special educational needs and we are committed to identifying and meeting the individual learning needs of every child from an early age so that they can make effective progress and experience success in their school journey.

History of the building

The building was built in 1869 by John Kirk & Sons who added a lodge on additional land, opposite, in 1876. The building was built for Ephraim Beaumont Taylor who was a woollen manufacture. His son sold it in 1908 to William Rippon who stayed until 1949. The Rippon’s owned a well-known coach building business which was responsible in the inter war years, for many of Huddersfield’s numerous Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. If you look around school, you can see Ephraim Beaumont Taylor’s initials on the internal glass panelled doors, leading from the conservatory.