Our Staff


Mr Euan-Burton Smith

Head Teacher, Form VI Teacher, Maths Lead & DSL- BA(Hons)/QTS/NPQSL

Learning, discussion and shared values are what drives me as a professional and as a parent. [email protected]
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Miss Natalie Sandford

Deputy Head, Form V Teacher, English Lead & DDSL - BA(Hons)/QTS

I am a mum of two with a passion for reading and a love of children's fiction. Travelling makes me happy and there is so much of the world I would still love to visit. [email protected]
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Mr Craig Jagger

Form IV Teacher & Science Lead - BA(Hons)/QTS

I am the very lucky parent of three boys. I have three grandchildren. I have a lifelong love for rock music, although I really enjoy most music. I am also a fan of cricket. [email protected]
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Miss Demi Scott

Form III Teacher & PSHE/RSE Lead - BSc(Hons)/QTS

I enjoy spending time with my family and taking trips to the theatre. [email protected]
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Miss Alice Routledge

Form II Teacher & SENDCo - BSc (Hons)/PGCE/QTS

Outside of school, I love to spend my evenings cooking and getting stuck into a good book or TV series. Music is a huge part of my life and I enjoy travelling to concerts and festivals in my spare time. [email protected]
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Mrs Emily Large

Form I Teacher, RE Lead, Mental Heath & Well-Being First Aider - BSc (Hons)/PGCE/QTS

I enjoy spending time with my family, walking our dog, Rupert, and reading a good book. I also love a good crime documentary. [email protected]
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Miss Natasha Slawson

Kindergarten Teacher & First Aid Lead- BSc(Hons)/EYT

I love walking in the countryside, dancing and spending time with my family. [email protected]
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Mrs Charlotte Kitchen

Lower Kindergarten Teacher - BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies/ EYT

I like to spend time going on long walks in the countryside and travelling to new places. [email protected]
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Mrs Emma Taylor-Erwin

Form VI Teacher & KS2 Topic - BA(Hons)/PGCE/QTS

I enjoy spending time with my family, watching my dogs, yoga and eating out. [email protected]
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Mrs Debbie Walton


I love spending time with my family and my dog, Vinnie. I am a real homebody and enjoy nothing more than reading a book or watching a film in front of the fire. I adore languages and you will often find me on the Duolingo app trying out a new language or two! My favourite film ever is 'It's a Wonderful Life' - it always has the ability to make me cry! I enjoy reading and my favourite novel is 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini. [email protected]
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Mrs Shahida Ali

ICT Teacher - BSc(Hons)/PGCE/QTS/NPQML

I love spending time with my family and going out for walks. [email protected]
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Mr Darran Gray

Art & Design - BA(Hons)/PGCE/QTS

I have a life-long passion for Art. I teach in Primary and Secondary schools as well as privately to the general public in my studio. I produce my own Art work using the pysudonym Arthur Seabrigg. I believe Art is a vital form of personal expression and can be accessible to anyone of any ability. I have a wife with an obsession for cleanliness which I balance with my role as the home 'mess-maker'. I am a Dad to two boys and attend a Fencing club with my eldest son. When I do have spare time I enjoy failing at Gardening. [email protected]
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Mrs Sky Burton-Smith

Music Teacher - BA(Hons)/QTS

I am very lucky that I have a career built on all the things I enjoy which include, making, performing, composing, facilitation, teaching and celebratory events. When I am not working on different projects and ceremonies I am looking after my 3 children who certainly keep me very busy! I enjoy family camping holidays, attending live music events, going to the theatre and since lockdown running (away from the children for a bit!). [email protected]
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Mr James Kuhnel

Piano, Guitar & Drums Peripatetic Music Teacher - BA(Hons)

When not at The Mount, I spend my days running Kirklees Guitar School and my weekends playing concerts for a wide variety of bands and productions all over the U.K. [email protected]
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Mr Reuben Swallow

Piano and Guitar Peripatetic Music Teacher - BA(Hons)MA

I play music in a number of groups and perform regularly. I'm also into exercise, reading, and like to study languages when I get the time. [email protected]
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Mr Antony Leech

PE Teacher - DSC

Sport is my life. If I am not coaching it, I am playing it! I enjoy hiking and I love the Lake District. [email protected]
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Mrs Jane Earnshaw

Teaching Assistant - NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Development

In my spare time, I like going to watch Huddersfield Town. I enjoy walking and visiting different places of interest. [email protected]
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Mrs Jane Booth

Teaching Assistant - NVQ Level 3 Teaching and Learning in Schools

I am a mum to two grown up children. I have an interest in healthy eating and keeping fit. In my spare time I love socialising with friends and travelling. [email protected]
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Mrs Kate Rushworth

Teaching Assistant / Cedar Club Manager - NNEB/Cache Level 3

I enjoy the outdoors and walking in the local countryside. Food and cooking come high up on my list of hobbies. [email protected]
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Ms Joanne McCaffrey

Teaching Assistant - Cache Level 3

I spend my spare time with my family, friends and with my two grandchildren, aged 4 and 2. I also enjoy pilates and reading. I like watching hospital and crime dramas. [email protected]
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Mrs Susan Porter

Teaching Assistant

My name is Susan. I was born in Hertfordshire but spent a great deal of my adult life in other countries. I landed back in England in 2022 with the intention of setting down some roots after having lived and taught in several countries including Germany, Italy and Ireland. In my spare time I love doing anything creative from sculpting in clay to floristry. I love learning languages and as often as I can spending time with my wonderful grown-up children. I came to Yorkshire to explore the beautiful wild countryside and get inspired by its architectural shapes and textures. [email protected]
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Miss Vanessa Pound

Teaching Assistant

Miss Pound - lover of sun, sea, music and glitter. [email protected]
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Miss Nicola Dixon

Teaching Assistant

I have recently started working in The Mount after previously working in Early Year's nurseries for the past 25 years. I love live music events, socialising, shopping and spending time with many loved ones. [email protected]
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Mr Gianpiero Duranti

Assistant Cook

I work two full time jobs so work nearly 7 days a week most weeks. Since recently buying a new house, my spare time is limited as I spend most of it working on the property. When possible, I'd like to have more time for some extreme sports. [email protected]
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Mrs Louise Clarke

Cook in Charge

I love my garden and growing my own salad and vegetables. I love to cook and share what I have grown with my family and friends. I enjoy long hikes in the countryside and always take a picnic. I also rather enjoy a good book somewhere warm and sunny. [email protected]
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Mrs Susan Piliu

School Manager

I have a background in sales and recruitment and spent a couple of years in Malta during my early 20's. Having resettled in Huddersfield I now enjoy family life with my husband and daughter. [email protected]
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Ms Suzanne Rawson

Administrative Assistant / Uniform Co-ordinator

I'm a family person. I have two children and love to travel. [email protected]
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Mrs Paula Elliott


I like to spend time with my family and enjoy eating out, travelling and watching live music. We also have an allotment, so I like spending a lot of time there too. [email protected]
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Mr Chris Sellers


I spent most of my younger years playing in bands or under the bonnets of cars. Having turned down the offer of an apprenticeship with Porsche in Germany at 18, I went to university in Leeds to study Sound Technology & Acoustic Engineering. With a very niche degree, no specific contacts and no money, this career path was put aside and I headed back to uni for teacher training. Since then, I've spent 19 years working in both state and independent education. I enjoy taking my girls (10 & 11) to Town matches when we can and have a passion for music and cars. As a massive petrol head, my dream would be to own a 'Bad Boys' Porsche 964 911 Turbo!! One day . . . [email protected]
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